The Project

The Rising Powers is a research project based at the Research Centre at the Institute for Political Studies, Catholic University of Portugal. Launched in 2020, the project was born out of the need to understand the new shapes of authoritarian forces that infiltrate the democratic world. 

We investigate contemporary challenges to contemporary democracy. Our topics of interest range from sophisticated technological tools to economic statecraft, misinformation campaigns and foreign interference. Our main focus concerns authoritarian challenges in Portugal and within the European Union, as well as how authoritarian forces impact democratisation processes and economic development in Portuguese-speaking Africa.

We aim to engage with the academic community, as well as with journalists, NGOs, think tanks and anyone who is interested in understanding the complex mechanisms that secure and challenge democracy.

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Latest Publications

Pressões autocráticas externas no mundo académico ocidental, Constança de Matos, Observador, April 2021
UE e China: entre a economia e os valores, Luís Leal de Faria, Observador, March 2021
The EU's (Leading) Role in Opposing China’s Threat to the Liberal International Order, Luís Leal de Faria, CIEP Working Paper, February 2021

Upcoming & Past Events

08 March 2021, CIEP Seminar with Corina Lozovan and Pamela Machado as Speakers and William Hasselberger as Chair: "Rising Authoritarian Powers and the Challenges to Democracy"
12 January 2021, CIEP Seminar with Professor John Owen, from the University of Virginia: "Two Emerging International Orders?: Evolutionary Pressure and Regime Preservation in China and the United States"
24 November 2020, CIEP Seminar with General Antonio Fontes Ramos, Professor Francisco Proença Garcia and  Research Fellow Manuel Poêjo Torres:  "NATO - Processo de Reflexão sobre a Dimensão Política"
6 October 2020, CIEP Seminar with Dr. Samantha Hoffman: "Engineering Global Consent: Big Data and Authoritarianism"
8 July 2020, CIEP Seminar with Dr. Zachary Cooper: "China, Sharp Power and Economic Statecraft"