About the Project

The recently created research group in Technology, Information and Politics, within the Research Centre of the Institute for Political Studies (CIEP), works on the relationship between politics, technology and information. The research developed by the group is centred on the project “Rising Authoritarian Powers and Liberal Democracies” coordinated by Professors William Hasselberger and Francisco Proença Garcia.

Six Ph.D. and M.A. fellow researchers are currently participating in the project. In coordination with the CIEP, the group also promotes Seminars with international researchers and key leading academic figures.

As a group, the six fellows carry out research that aims to offer insights on how to protect democracy worldwide, working mainly on three major areas: 

  • Authoritarian A.I. and Cyber Surveillance: Disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and 5G play an increasingly important and pervasive role in politics and international relations. The subtlety with which these technologies operate and the rapid speed which they penetrate society calls for a careful study of its impacts.
  • Dis/Misinformation Campaigns: For the past years, growing attention has been paid to the influence of authoritarian actors in shaping public opinion using campaigns on social media and digital platforms. Freedom of expression is one of our dearest principles, and yet, it is now weaponised to undermine democratic rule and inflict dissent. 
  • Economic Statecraft: Nothing is more characteristic of globalisation than burgeoning cross-continent economic relations. While governments are focused on pursuing economic growth and development, superpowers may use their economic might to subjugate more vulnerable states to their interests.